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FAQs – Leaders

I’m interested in serving on a board. How does LeaderLink help me?

IMG_7667smallFrom your participation in a leadership program, you know the many needs that nonprofits fill within our community and you have a strong network of community-minded colleagues. LeaderLink helps you make the next step to serve your community.


First, the LeaderLink board governance trainings provide an opportunity to understand the fundamental role and responsibilities of a board director and cover the major elements of nonprofit stewardship, including:

  • Board governance and dynamics
  • Legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Fundraising and development strategies
  • Marketing and promotion of the organization
  • Strategic planning for long-term growth and stability

For directors with board service experience, other training opportunities to delve into trends and best practices in the nonprofit industry, to help you bring the latest tactics and thinking to your board.

Training opportunities and resources vary and are delivered throughout the year. Check back regularly for updated information on training opportunities.

Separate from the training opportunities, volunteers may gain access to a directory of nonprofit agencies seeking leaders like you, who are passionate about the issues, connected, and trained on the best practices of board membership. Here you’ll be able to search for and connect directly with agencies for which you might be interesting in serving.


Do I need to participate in a LeaderLink board governance training?

At this time, volunteers are not required to participate in training opportunities offered through LeaderLink, but you are encouraged to do so.  Training opportunities and resources help ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities and expectations for board of directors members. Your LeaderLink profile allows you to indicate any board governance trainings you have completed, which allows nonprofit agencies to be confident that you understand how to be a highly effective board member.


What is the time commitment for a LeaderLink board governance training?

Training opportunities vary and may include options ranging from online resources to in-person seminars or symposiums of varying lengths.


How much does LeaderLink board governance training cost? How do I register?

Valley Leadership is proud to sponsor the Nonprofit Board Boot Camp, a high-quality training opportunity offered by our Board Training Partner, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy. All dues-paying members of Valley Leadership and registered participants of LeaderLink receive a 25% discount for the Camp. Training opportunities and registration information can be found here.


How do I access the LeaderLink Database?IMG_7647 small

After you complete a LeaderLink training, you’ll receive access information for the Database. At that time, you’ll be able to create your personal profile and upload your resume, as well as indicate nonprofit service areas you’d be interested in serving.


I’ve created a file in the Database. What now?

Now, the Database will notify you when you have a potential match with a nonprofit agency listed in the Database! At that time, both you and the agency have the option of connecting directly with each other.  You may also browse the organizations in the Database and connect with an agency without waiting for a system notification.


How can I edit my LeaderLink profile?

When you log into your profile, select the “Edit Profile” option to make any changes or updates to your information.


What is Valley Leadership’s relationship with the organizations in the Database? How did you find them?

Valley Leadership is not affiliated with the agencies that have chosen to participate in the Database.

Valley Leadership receives many requests from agencies for help in identifying or connecting to potential board directors. The LeaderLink project rose partially from this need: the Database is intended to be a clearinghouse where trained leaders and nonprofit organizations can connect.

Valley Leadership does not vet or review the nonprofit agencies listed in the Database and no qualifications or specifications are required of the agencies. It is your responsibility, as the prospective board director, to research the nonprofit agencies and ensure the right fit.

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