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FAQ – Agencies

I’m recruiting leaders to join our Board of Directors. How does LeaderLink help this process?

IMG_7626 smallYou’re looking for leaders who are educated on the issues facing our communities and nonprofits, who are connected to other influencers in the community, who are engaged and passionate about your cause, and who have the basic knowledge and training to be an effective board director.

LeaderLink helps you connect directly to leaders who meet this description. Most volunteers listed in the LeaderLink database have completed leadership development training through Valley Leadership or Valle del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute. Other volunteers are members of The Manifesto Project and invested in ensuring that the voices of young leaders are included in board rooms.
Additionally, the LeaderLink program offers board governance training opportunities and resources that help ensure that volunteers have a basic understanding of the major principles of nonprofit stewardship, board governance, and nonprofit trends and best practices. The LeaderLink volunteer profile allows leaders to indicate their completion of Valley Leadership or Hispanic Leadership Institute programs, their affiliation with The Manifesto Project, and the completion of any board governance training.

Through the LeaderLink database, nonprofit agencies can preliminarily vet potential candidates based on service area interests, career level, and professional expertise and experience and connect directly with candidates who may be interested in completing the agency’s full vetting and board application process.

Why should I use LeaderLink?

Valley Leadership is aware of the difficulty that nonprofits can face in recruiting qualified and committed leaders to serve on a board of directors. Through LeaderLink, agencies can identify and connect with volunteers who have self-identified as interested in board service and understanding of the commitment. They are leaders who have not just completed the program’s board governance training but have also completed the Leadership Institute or other local leadership program, evidence of a commitment to improving our communities.


What do I need to do to join LeaderLink?

Simply complete this Memorandum of Understanding and then complete the agency profile.  The Memorandum of Understanding can be returned to the Program Director at vl@valleyleadership.org.


How can I edit my agency’s LeaderLink profile?

When you log into your profile, select the “Edit Profile” option to make any changes or updates to your information.


Is there a cost to join the LeaderLink Database?

No, the LeaderLink Database is FREE for local nonprofit agencies to access!


Are there ongoing commitments or requirements for my agency once I’ve joined the Database?

After you join the Database, the agency will be notified when new matches (volunteer leaders) join. When notified of a match (based on interests, service area, professional experience, etc.), both the volunteer and the agency have the ability to initiate connection.

The agency bears the responsibility of vetting any potential board candidates through its standard vetting and application process. Valley Leadership certifies only that the volunteers have completed a local leadership development program as well as a LeaderLink board governance training.

Additionally, Valley Leadership requests that agencies participating in the LeaderLink database support Valley Leadership’s efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of the LeaderLink program by responding to occasional evaluation and outcome measurements.

Finally, Valley Leadership may request the opportunity to present to the agency’s executive leadership or board of directors on programs offered, such as the Leadership Institute. By completing the Memorandum of Understanding, the agency agrees to accommodate Valley Leadership’s request for presentation.


Where can I find more information on Valley Leadership?

You can find more information on Valley Leadership, the oldest, most established and most comprehensive leadership development organization in the greater Phoenix area, here.

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